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5 Common Problems You May Face with Volkswagen Vehicles


Volkswagen is a German car brand that was created in 1937. The company began by making luxury vehicles accessible to the public, hence its name, “people’s car.” Volkswagen quickly became a popular and well-known car brand, and over the years, it has gained a reputation for reliable, high-quality vehicles. Despite all that, however, Volkswagen isn’t without its problem, and there are many common issues that many Volkswagen owners will face.

Today, we want to discuss some of these issues to help you be wary of what can happen with your Volkswagen, especially if you do not maintain or service the car properly:

1. Oil Issues

Vehicles require regular oil changes to maintain their good condition, and Volkswagen had some issues with their cars in the 2000s, where they were forming oil build-ups sooner than they should have been. This resulted in engine trouble occurring much earlier than expected. Volkswagen has since resolved this issue. However, it is still important to get your oil changed regularly to prevent any gunk from forming and damaging the engine. It is recommended that you get your oil changed every 4,000-5,000 miles.

2. Defective Electronics

This problem was specific to the 2006 Jetta model of Volkswagen vehicles, a popular model. Unfortunately, this led to Volkswagen getting a bad reputation for having faulty electronics in their cars, although this issue was mainly limited to the Jetta. The wiring harness was known to wear out and short out after 100,000 miles, so it is important to check the electronics in your car with a mechanic around that time.

3. Timing Belt Failure

Volkswagen claims that its timing belt is designed to last for about 120,000 miles. However, there have been reports of some vehicles from the late 2000s having issues with the timing belt much sooner than that. Some were even reported to fail at 20,000 miles. This is typically specific to certain models and engine types. As such, it is important to be aware of this issue if you experience a check engine light related to the timing belt.

4. Coil Trouble

Volkswagen vehicles may experience coil breakdowns at approximately 70,000 miles. These malfunctions can cause a variety of problems with the igniting and running of the engine. Signs of this issue can include misfiring, poor fuel efficiency, and the engine losing power. It is wise to take your car to an expert in these matters if you believe there is an issue with the coil. Taking care of minor problems early can prevent them from developing into more serious issues.

5. Out-Of-The-Norm Noises

Volkswagen cars can create a clunking sound when turning, often caused by the deterioration of the suspension strut mount at the top of the vehicle. Additionally, a rattling noise coming from the back of the car may indicate that the rear springs are wearing out. Furthermore, any rattling noises in the middle of the car can be a sign of an issue with the mid-section muffler bracket.


Volkswagen vehicles are renowned for their quality and popularity, but just like anything else in this world, they’re not perfect. If something goes wrong, it’s essential to get the issue fixed by a professional mechanic to restore your car to its previous state. But of course, prevention is the best cure, so regular maintenance is important to avoid costly repairs in the future. That said, always keep in mind that when it comes to car maintenance, it’s important to seek the help of a reputable and experienced technician!

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